With safety as our highest priority, we are adjusting our dining operations at all levels to exceed students’ safety standards and contribute to the overall health of the Loyola University community.  See below for a list of Dining FAQs.  You can also submit any additional questions to LUC-Dining@Aramark.com

How will I know what's being served in the dining halls?
Menus are posted daily for the dining halls at luc.campusdish.com.

How will you ensure that your employees are being safe?
We pledge to ensure employees come to work healthy and safe, leaving and returning in the same condition at the end and beginning of each shift.  Among many employee safety measures are employee temperature monitoring upon arrival, mandatory handwashing every 20 minutes, proactively procured PPE, and many other procedures in place to ensure the safety of our guests and staff. 

Where can I use my meal plan swipes?
Meal plan swipes can be used in Damen Dining Hall, Simpson Dining Hall, deNobili Dining Hall and meal exchanges at Nina's Café and Lu's Deli in the Water Tower Campus.

I don't have a meal plan.  Can I still eat on campus?
All dining locations will accept Rambler Bucks, Dining Dollars or credit card.  Cash will not be accepted at any dining location.

Will there be late night dining at De Nobili?
We are delighted to be expanding our late-night dining options at de Nobili Dining Hall Monday through Thursday. Be sure to keep an eye on our website for more information.

Do you accommodate special diets or food allergies?
Simpson Dining is the home of True Balance and allergy friendly concept prepared without any of the top 9 allergens. There will be daily vegan, vegetarian and food allergy friendly options during each meal period.  We encourage students to speak to a manager directly with any questions regarding options. Have questions about navigating the dining halls with your dietary needs? Be sure to Book a Consultation with our Registered Dietitian through the Health & Wellness page on our website. 

How do I give my feedback?
Students can provide their feedback by visiting yourdiningvoice.com and a manager will provide an answer within 48 hours.  Managers are available and easily identified by their uniform and name tag at all locations.  Students can also submit an email to LUC-Dining@Aramark.com.